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South Shore's Premier Bin Cleaning Service
(902) 599-2976

Professional on-site green bin and trash bin cleaning across parts of the South Shore. We clean, sanitize and deodorize your bin with a fresh cherry scent that smells great and helps to deter unwanted pests.  

We Clean Your Bin On site In Our Self-Contained Unit

Kills Germs & Eliminates Odors

Cherry Scented Deodorizer & Grate Liners Included With All Cleanings

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarenteed

Services: Services


Our 2024 season on the South Shore will run from June - September

We will be offering single clean service on the following dates:

June 22, July 20, August 31, September 28 

Please note we require a minimum number of signups per visit. In the event we do not reach the required number of cleanings we will not be in the area. 

Customers will not be charged until the day of the cleaning.


Single Clean

(Now Booking)

Organics Cleaning

1 Bin Cleaned

Single Cleaning

FREE Cherry Deodorizer and grate liner with every clean!

Commercial Pricing Available

We provide service across Chester, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Bridgewater and surrounding areas. 


Service Information

  • What is included in a cleaning?

    • All bins are sprayed with our soap/degreaser, bins are then washed with high pressure. Bins are then sprayed with our disinfectant and hand wiped out to ensure they are completely clean and dry. Our final step is spraying the bin with our cherry deodorizer and placing a grate liner in the bottom to help absorb moisture. 

  • When will my bin be cleaned?​

    • Cleaning will take place on the scheduled cleaning day between 8am and 8pm. 

  • Where should I leave my bin?​​

    • Please keep your bin at the end of your driveway until it is cleaned. 

  • What happens if my collection day falls on a storm day?

    • In the event of extreme weather we will reschedule the cleaning. 

  • What happens if I forget to put my bin out for collection?​

    • If you forget to put your bin out on your collection day please call us immediately and reschedule your cleaning. If we show up for your scheduled cleaning and your bin has not been emptied you will be charged for a cleaning. ​

  • What about the mess?​​

    • Our Cleaning system is 100% self contained ensuring we never leave a mess behind.​ 

  • Does someone need to be home for service?​​​​

    • You do not need to be home for our bin cleaning services. Please leave your bin roadside and empty until it is cleaned. 

  • ​What is your service area?

    • We provide cleaning services across Chester Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Bridgewater and the surrounding areas.

  • What are my payment options?​

    • All cleanings must be paid in full no later than the day of cleaning. 

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